25 Ways to Be Positive Today

Melyssa Griffin

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25 Ways to Be Positive Today



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Hey hot stuff and happy Thursday! Awhile back, I shared a post with 30 Ways to Feel Like You Accomplished Something Today and people were all about it! I had a ton of fun writing that post and reading all of your comments, so in the same vein, I’m bringing you this post, with fun, quirky tips to help you be more positive today. Let’s jump right in, shall we?

1. Narrow down your to-do list. Yes, even Awesome Days have to-do lists from time to time! But that’s okay, because today, you’re pickin’ three things and that’s IT, girl! If I wrote out my entire to-do list, it would literally be 3-4 pages long on double-sided, college-ruled paper. YUCK, just looking at it will probably overwhelm me into watching TV or doing something totally NOT on my to-do list. Cut the stress and just choose a handful of things you KNOW you can do in a day’s time. Little by little my friends. Little by little.

2. Actively appreciate the weather. If it’s sunny, go sit outside and let the warm rays beat down on your skin. If it’s rainy, leave your jacket at home and bask in the raindrops on your face. As much as we humans don’t like to admit it, we’re still a part of nature, and the natural world usually makes us feel pretty awesome.

3. Do you spend a lot of time alone or with others? Do the opposite! As an introvert, I revel in times I get to go places alone, work alone, and just be on my own. But that doesn’t mean I don’t LOVE a good hang out sesh with friends or a fun, themed party. If you find yourself often alone or with others, creep on out of that comfort zone and find something new to appreciate about another way to live.

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4. Have you ever heard of the website, Cute OverloadNow you have. You’re welcome.

5. Connect with cashiers. Does the same old lady ring up your produce at the grocery store each week? Do you always run into that same teenager at Chipotle who gives you extra guac? Do you know their names? Ask how they’re doing. Say hi! Isn’t it weird that we can see the same people every single day and not know a thing about them? Change that.

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6. FLOSS! Doesn’t flossing just make you feel like you have your crap together?

7. Eat something bad. Feel good. It makes me feel kind of sad when I see women shame themselves for eating something they “shouldn’t.” Yes, eating healthy is important, but if you’re going to eat that piece of cake anyways, you might as well feel good about it, right? Today, I encourage you to eat something a little bad for you, and if you feel your mind start to say, “there goes yesterday’s salad!” then stop and bask in the deliciousness of your treat. Then move on.

8. Make an action plan. Got a goal or idea that’s been hovering around your brain for ages? It sits there, lookin’ pretty, but doesn’t have much to say for itself, right? Make an action plan, or a list of clear, small steps that will help your idea come to fruition. Trust me, seeing the possibility in your major goals is a total DAY MAKER, y’all!

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9. Be a silly weirdo head. Dance on your way to the kitchen. Sing show tunes in the shower. Tap dance with your dog. Just let out your quirky, silly self in any way you can. Hint: If you want to have an even more awesome day, be a silly weirdo head with other people. 

10. Play with your pet. You know, that whiny furball that watches you while you pee, but you still seem to love like your first-born. (I hope that’s not just me). But on the REAL, yo, pets make us feel good, reduce stress, and even benefit our health.

11. Try something new. Ever wanted to go rafting, attempt a Pinterest craft project, or start a blog? Well, now’s your chance, sista! Try something new and feel the wonderful power of LEARNING! It doesn’t have to take all day, just think of something you kinda sorta have been thinking of doing…and then do it! I recently got into Skillshare and have been l-o-v-i-n-g it!

12. Send a gratitude letter to someone. Do you know how many studies there are that show that expressing gratitude can make you happy?! Like a zillion. Write a letter to a friend, co-worker, whoever, and tell them why you appreciate them. You’ll feel great and, hey, so will they.

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13. Surround yourself with people who encourage you. Save the nay-sayers for your less-than-awesome days (or not at all). Today, you get to be around the BEST of the best — the people who make your spirit come alive and your creative juices burst. Even Skyping or using a plain ol’ phone to connect with your spirit-enhancing friends should do the trick.

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14. Eat something that reminds you of good times. I bet most of you have a food that is exploding with happy memories. For me, that food is mac and cheese. My grandma always used to make it for me and my BFF in high school and I would always eat it together, too! I don’t even really like mac and cheese, but eating it makes me smile.

15. Be here. It’s easy-peasy to get caught up in the past or future. But those moments don’t exist right now, so we might do a little better and appreciate a little more if we can feel happy, blissful, and content with where we’re at, right here, right now.

16. Read the Good News section on the Huffington PostYep, they have a section dedicated ONLY to happy, awesome news, sure to add some sunshine to your day!

17. RELAX! Yeah, yeah you hear this all the time, but how often do you really do it? Today, draw yourself a warm bubble bath, put on a face mask, or just take a freakin’ nap.

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18. Do something that kind of scares you. I say “kind of” because I’m pretty sure doing something that totally freaks you out is not on your Awesome Day agenda. But small scary things can be empowering! As a graphic designer, I’ve noticed that a LOT of my clients come to me saying, “I’m not sure if I’ll need a social media button for a Facebook page…I’m too nervous to make one.” I’ve BEEN there! I don’t know what it is about Facebook Pages, but making one for my blog made me feel like I was begging for attention or something. But you know what? IT’S ALL GOOD! Oftentimes, our fears only exist because we let them exist. Find something that intimidates you and CONQUER IT!

19. Smile at strangers. Because doesn’t it just rock your world when they smile back at you?

20. Unplug, at least a little. If you can, turn off your electronics all day and live off the grid. If not, set specific, short times that you’ll allow yourself to use electronics today. Instead of looking at your cell phone every 23 seconds, wondering if you got a text, just check it every 5 hours. Promise, your text will still be there, but you won’t have to feel like a slave to a 5-inch hunk of metal.

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21. Look good. Whatever that means for you. Make your appearance something that makes you feel motivated to do your best today.

22. Go for a walk. I like to pop in my headphones for times like these and pretend like I’m in a music video or commercial. Makes me feel awesome every time!

23. Write a love letter…to yourself. Be as sappy as you want, Casanova. Express how utterly awesome you are and soak up every word. Fold it up and stuff it into your undies drawer for future reading.

24. Pick ONE way to be super healthy today. I am in awe of people who have their diet and exercise together. Can I tell you a secret (or ten)? I don’t know what Paleo or gluten-free diets are. I have no clue what Barre is and there are so many types of yoga that conversations about yoga immediately make me feel stupid. My version of healthy is buying things that are green — which sort of works, but is still pretty naive. So I challenge you — pick ONE area of being healthy today and do the damn thing! Take a zumba class, make a green smoothie, whatever it takes to make your body feel a little more happy.

25. Go to bed early. You know all that junk about getting enough sleep that you’ve been hearing since you were in the womb? It’s not junk — it’s freaking science! When we let our bodies rest and replenish themselves, we start our day at 100 HP instead of 70. Pokemon fans, can ya feel me?

I dare you to pick at least one thing from this list and make it happen. Let me know in the comments what you chose! Got other ideas to share? I’d LOVE to hear those, too!

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