Our Values

It’s what we’re all about: purpose and impact over approval-seeking and status.

We serve wholehearted entrepreneurs who are here to make money and a difference,  you know what I mean?

We’ve done the whole “do what everyone expects of you and be miserable” deal. It’s the literal worst. Instead, we’d rather create a community where the only right way is your way — the aligned way. Alignment means that you’re living your truth instead of someone else’s. It means that you make decisions based on how they feel vs. how they look. And trust us — everything gets a whole lot sweeter when you’re seeking alignment instead of approval.


The only right way is the aligned way.

In a society that values “hard work” and “grinding your way to the top,” spaciousness is a revolutionary concept. But let’s be clear, spaciousness isn’t the same thing as “balance.” It’s far deeper. Instead of simply balancing work and rest, spaciousness is all about infusing your entire business model and life with the belief that when you have more space, silence, and freedom, then everything improves. Hustle Culture is determined to disconnect you from yourself; spaciousness is what will guide you home.


Spaciousness is the foundation for everything we do.

What keeps most people and entrepreneurs from true success isn’t some clever marketing strategy: it’s the confidence to follow their own inner wisdom. To us, success happens from the inside out. It requires healing, introspection, and deep personal development work. That’s why we crave depth around these parts -- we know what’s possible within a community of people who are creating from self-connection instead of self-abandonment.


Your success is never greater than your self awareness.

Let’s be honest: the status quo is designed to unfairly give privilege to certain groups and identities, at the drastic expense of others. We believe that it should be a basic right for everyone to be able to follow their dreams and feel safe, seen, heard, and respected. 

That’s why we use our platform, time, and resources to spread awareness about issues that matter and take action against oppressive systems. And to be clear, we’re talking about injustices against people because of their race, sexual orientation, gender, ability status, and any other marginalized identities. Fannie Lou Hamer said, “Nobody’s free until everybody’s free.” We believe that to our core.


We actively work to dismantle systems of oppression.

Nature reminds us that when we all bloom according to our intrinsic design, we create interconnectedness, depth, and beauty. We believe that one’s creativity is a lot like that — when you value your innate self expression instead of watering yourself down to make others comfortable, life becomes more interesting and expansive. Around these parts, we value innovation, creativity, and wild self expression. It’s who we all are at our core.


Self expression is sacred.

The foundation of our company was built on the simple idea that connection and belonging are as vital as food and water. From our team who runs things behind the scenes to the people who consume our content, we are constantly co-creating a deeper sense of community with the people we serve. We operate from the ethos of collaboration over competition; there’s space for all of us to thrive.

Community means
everything to us.


We’re always asking, “What’s here for me?” instead of “Why is this happening to me?” It’s the philosophy underneath everything we teach our students and clients, too. We’re not naive — we know that challenges are a part of life — but it’s the way we face those challenges that makes us different. Instead of dwelling on scarcity, we look for abundance and possibility to guide us to a solution.

We look for possibility instead of scarcity.