Give Back

I  believe that creating an impact is the soul-sister to growing a business.

The ability to give back and make the world a more loving and fair place is why we do this.

A purchase from our company not only helps you tap into your full potential, but it creates a ripple effect of 


well-being and

Yeah, you did that.

around the world. 

That’s why a portion of our sales goes to world-changing organizations like the ones listed below.

Many (most? ALL?) of the people who find themselves in prison have experienced a cycle of unimaginable trauma and pain in their lives. Without proper therapy and healing (and often growing up amidst a cycle of crime and poverty), the easiest solution to avoid their pain and find a sense of belonging is to release it on others in the form of anger and violence. Not only that, but many people in prison are natural entrepreneurs, but because of where they grew up, they fall into illegal businesses instead of channeling their brilliance into legal entrepreneurship. Through Hustle 2.0, incarcerated individuals have a chance to rewrite their story and get the healing they deserve so that they can live from a place of love instead of pain. 

Hustle 2.0

After Melyssa attended a volunteer event at a max security prison, she was changed forever. Hustle 2.0 helps incarcerated individuals heal from the trauma that led them to a life of crime.



We’re honored to say that our very first fundraiser earned nearly $120,000 in two weeks.


Build 3 brand new schools for children in Ghana

Train local teachers on modern teaching methods

Host sanitation trainings for healthy practices

Increase global literacy and female education


With those funds, we helped to:

how we did it


Over the years, we’ve donated to stellar organizations like The Humane Society, The Gentle Barn, and the ASPCA in order to provide food, shelter, and healing to animals that have been abused, neglected, or displaced. 

Animal Sanctuaries

As a lifelong animal lover (that’s my pup above!), donating to animal sanctuaries and rehabilitation centers is one of my core values.

Giving back

Giving back is why we do what we do, but it’s not the only value that drives us.


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