How Your Money Mindset is Sabotaging Your Business (And How to Fix It) (Episode 56)

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How Your Money Mindset is Sabotaging Your Business (And How to Fix It)

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Hey hey, Limitless Lifer…guess what?! It’s my 31st birthday!

I wanted to celebrate with you by discussing one of my favorite topics, money mindset

Our money mindset is something we can’t escape no matter how hard we try because our beliefs about money and abundance literally rule every single decision we make

Sometimes, our beliefs are so deeply buried in our subconscious that we don’t even know we’re blocking ourselves from earning and receiving more! 

Not only that, what would you say if I told you that the way we feel about money is directly related to the way we feel about our own worth? 

If that made you go, “oh boy,” this episode is for you. 

I’m going to share with you 4 of the most prevalent beliefs that are limiting us when it comes to our money, and ways to flip the scripts on those beliefs to more abundant ways of thinking and being. 

If you’ve ever struggled with your beliefs when it came to money or abundance, and you’re not sure how to change them, you’re going to want to tune in and take notes. 

Let’s dive in!

Listen to the episode below:

This episode discusses topics like…

  • Why money mindset is one of my favorite things to talk about
  • Where your money mindset comes from, and what mine looks like now (versus when I was growing up) 
  • 4 common money mindset beliefs and how they may show up in your business and a simple reframe for each one
  • How a connection exists between your money mindset and your engrained self-worth, and much more! 

Do you feel something is stopping you from making more money, accomplishing your goals, and bringing your dreams to life? It probably has something to do with your thoughts around money. If you’re ready to step into abundance, answer a few questions and get the customized steps you need to take to let go of the scarcity mentality that’s keeping you stuck. Click the image below to start!

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I’d love to hear your thoughts on this episode. How are your money mindset beliefs holding you back? Tell me about how it showed up for you!

Thank you SO much for being here, sweet friend. I’m honored to walk this journey with you. See you in the next episode!


Read the Episode Transcript Here

Hey, Limitless Lifer! Okay, I am so excited about today’s episode for two reasons. Number one, it’s my birthday. Hey, happy birthday to me. Number two, because I wanted to talk about one of my favorite freaking things on my birthday. And that is money mindset. I believe that your beliefs about money and abundance are ruling nearly every decision that you have in your life. Everything beyond just the financial ones, especially the decisions that come up in your business and the things that are important to you. So in this episode, we are breaking down those beliefs that you might have about money and how they’re showing up and playing out inside of the business that you’re running. So this is one of my favorite things to talk about. Because I find that money mindset actually dictates so much of the results that we’re able to get inside of our companies. And as you’ll discover inside this episode, it also dictates how we feel about ourselves. So without further ado, let’s dive into this. I’ve got a lot that I want to share with you today. And the first thing is what is money mindset. And you’ve probably heard this term before, but let’s just clarify it so that we’re all on the same page here. So your money mindset is essentially how you feel about money, how you feel about wealth, abundance, all of those different things. And so it creates the belief inside of you that backs up that mindset that you might have around money, and we’re going to be talking about some of those very common beliefs that you might be having. So where does it come from? Where do our beliefs about money and wealth and abundance actually originate? Well, most likely, they come from your family, and it’s really common that you will adopt very similar money mindset beliefs as the ones that your family has. So if you look back in your lineage at your parents or siblings or grandpa Parents and look for some patterns or some consistencies in how they view or talk about money. And these can be really small things that they’re mentioning. They could say something like, no, let’s get the this brand at the grocery store. And you just happen to pick up on the fact that that brand is 20 cents cheaper than the brand sitting next to it. And so you have in your mind that you should always go for the cheaper thing. But maybe it wasn’t even communicated in your family. But you just noticed that so it can be really tiny things that you notice you pick up evidence on. And then over time, it starts to grow into a thought and a belief. And once that belief, it’s something that now lives inside of you and is a point where you are making decisions from. So for me in particular, I grew up in a family where hard work was very much praised. You had to work hard. You really needed to put in the hours and if you weren’t working Hard then what were you doing? What were you doing? So it was very praised. And a lot of people in my family would be working a lot all the time. And this belief can be a good thing in certain ways, because it caused me to work really hard. It caused me to create a lot of success and anything that I created in my life. And it allowed me to just create results, I was able to work hard and create results. But at the same time, because I was working so hard all the time, I eventually burnt myself out. And I discovered that I was working so hard because internally I felt like I needed to in order to be valuable, and that’s a really big belief for people who believe that they need to work hard, and we’re going to talk more about that in this episode. But I wasn’t only doing it because I wanted to work hard because I thought working hard was a valiant thing to do. I was also doing it because there were results that I created from working so hard, made me feel worthy. And it never really crossed my mind that I could create successful results with more ease. I felt like it had to be hard. So when I did burnout, I went on a six month sabbatical where I did absolutely no work at all. And my company continued to make six figures every single month. And that really showed me Wow, when I’m doing nothing,

My company can still be earning really healthy amounts of money. And of course, I had a team to support me but even still, I wasn’t the one putting in the work at that time. And so it really helped me to evaluate that belief of Do I need to always be working hard to make money? Can I have a life of more ease and still be living in the frequency of abundance? So let’s talk about some of the common money mindset beliefs and I want you to be listening to these and thinking it is one of these in alignment with how I feel about money, or the stories that I grew up with about money, and just see which one you align with the most. And you might actually have a money mindset belief that we’re not talking about today. But hopefully this will spark some ideas for you. So I’m going to explain four different money mindset beliefs that are really common. And I’m also going to just tell you how they might show up inside of your business. And then an affirmation you can use a new way of thinking about that belief, so that you can start living in the frequency of abundance instead of scarcity. The first belief that I just kind of talked about is I need to work hard to make money. I need to work hard to make money and like I said, this was the biggest one that I had inside of myself. And of course, that I still have some times that I will preface this episode by saying that these are beliefs that you get to continually work on throughout your life and you can start to repeat programmed them and dismantle them, but you’ll see them pop up in really sneaky ways. And that doesn’t mean that you’re doing it wrong, or that you’re unhealed. It just means that you’re a constant work in progress. And that can be a really beautiful thing. So the first belief, I need to work hard to make money, how does this show up in your business, when you’re running a company? Well, it can show up and one you working all the time to the point potentially of burnout, it could mean that you are making your business more complicated than it needs to be by adding a lot of different products, a lot of different systems, a lot of different team members, whatever way that you find to make things complicated, or maybe it’s that instead of focusing on that one thing that you really want to be doing that you really care about. You’re adding all of this complexity all of these other projects to your plate, because you feel like you have to be doing those things in addition to that one thing that actually matters to you for it to matter for it to be worthy. So there are a lot of ways that this one shows us In business, and like I said, it can be helpful to work hard in your company. I’m not saying that you should just be lazy and not work in your company, and that you should just take off every day and not do anything. That’s not really what I’m trading today. What I’m trying to say is that there’s two different ways to go about this. There’s the I need to work hard to make money kind of way, which is actually just coming from a place of scarcity and fear. Or there’s the other way, which is saying that money doesn’t come from working hard or from ease. Money comes from living in the frequency of abundance. And so you’re really just eradicating that idea completely, that you have to work hard or that you have to just sit around doing nothing. It’s actually coming from a totally different place inside of you. And when you align with that frequency of abundance, then money becomes easy. So if this belief feels prevalent to you, then the affirmation I want you to focus on is once I stop blocking the flow Money flows easily to me. Money flows easily to me and want you to think about that. Okay, let’s move on to the next belief, wanting more money is bad and disingenuous. Or set another way, wealthy people are evil, or money is the root of all evil, essentially, that if you want more, you are bad. And so how this can show up in your business, oh, this is a juicy one, because this will literally cause you to make decisions that are out of alignment with making more money. Because if you have the identity, that not having money, or having less money makes you a better person, then can you see how you will actively not try to make more money because then you’ll be a bad person and who wants to be a bad person. So subconsciously, you’ll make decisions that will cause you to not make more money. Maybe it would be under charging for your services or your products.

Maybe it would be not Growing a team when you know that that’s really the next step that you need to do in your company to scale, all of these different things that you can be doing to keep yourself stuck and not having more money. And then what happens when we do that is we tend to blame, we think, well, I’m just not cut out for this. It’s my team’s fault. If I raise my prices, then nobody’s going to buy my things anymore. So I’m really just noticing where we are holding ourselves back from actually earning more money, because we’re afraid of being seen as a bad money hungry people. So if this is the belief that you have that wanting more money is bad and disingenuous. Well, number one, I want you to think about, of course, where does that come from? Where did you spark the belief that wanting more is a bad thing? And who are you afraid of becoming? What kind of identity Are you afraid of having if you have more money and who in your life Are you afraid is going to see you in that identity? Maybe it’s a friend, maybe it’s your partner, maybe it’s a parent, maybe it’s a sibling, that you think if you have more money, they would label you as bad. Who is that person, because it’s usually just a very small amount of people in our lives that we’re afraid of disappointing or afraid of losing connection with. So who is that person for you. And if this is your belief, then the affirmation I want you to focus on is I am allowed to want more from my life. Money is simply a tool to help me create more. I love that more and more and more. All right, the third belief that I want to talk about is that people like me, can’t earn a lot of money, and there’s not enough money to go around. This belief is very much rooted in this lack or scarcity mentality. Because it’s basically saying that if you make more money, then it’s actively causing someone else to earn less money. And so why would you want to earn more money? If that means that you’re depriving somebody else that just makes you feel like a bad person again, right? Because you’re selfish. Well, that’s actually not the case. because money is simply an energy. It’s an energy. So it’s an energy that decides what value is. But it’s not something that runs out or that can be depleted. It’s simply a way of showing what we value.

And when you think of money as an endless supply of energy, and an exchange of energy, where are we putting it? What are you valuing? Where are we seeing this energy in the world in our lives, then it means that we can start to tap into that energy in our own businesses and our own feelings about what money actually is. So it’s not that some people can earn money and there’s not enough to go around and other people will never earn money. It’s simply about thinking of money as an energy, that there’s this endless supply of energy out there in terms have money and value that you can tap into it any time you want to. And that you having more doesn’t inherently mean that other people will have less. It’s not a cause and effect. Yes, there may be people in the world who have less than you. But that doesn’t mean that they have less than you because you have money. They may have less because of their own money mindset stuff. They may have less for a number of reasons.

But it doesn’t necessarily have to do with you having more wealth and abundance. So the affirmation if this sounds like you that I want you to focus on is there is a universal supply of money that everyone has access to. Money is an energy that everyone can tap into. Okay, so let’s talk about our fourth belief. The fourth belief is money isn’t important. We should really be valuing relationships in a more minimalistic life. So essentially, if you want more, that’s not a good thing. Well, I agree. I agree in some respects That constantly wanting more and more money just for the sake of having more money for the sake of having more material things isn’t really a healthy addiction. I do think that having material things can actually support our souls in a lot of ways because they can help us feel more aligned at ease comforted have more experiences that are healthy for us to acquire. But I do agree that just constantly wanting more and more money just for the sake of it isn’t a super healthy mindset. But for people who think that having money, in general isn’t important, that really we should just be focusing on relationships, and minimalism and no money whatsoever. Well, personally, I feel like that’s denying the fact that money is an energetic tool that can help us create all of those things in a much bigger and more impactful way. So if you’re thinking that money or relationship Chips can thrive or money or minimalism can thrive. What if you decided to have more of a both and perspective where you can have relationships and money, where you can live a minimalistic life and have money, and where money may actually be influencing your ability to have those things in a bigger and more impactful way? Because the reality is when you’re struggling through life, if you have to focus constantly on the fact that you don’t have enough money to pay your bills to live in the way that you want to live, then you’re not going to create the kind of impact you could if you were living in the frequency of abundance.

Can you see how abundance can actually help you create all of the things that you want in your life and in the world? And when we see money as the enemy as the Nemesis, then we’re actually just living outside of the frequency of abundance. We’re living in scarcity. So if this belief sounds like you then the affirmation I want to focus on is that money makes it easier for me to live in alignment with my values. Money makes it easier for me to live in alignment with my values. Now there’s something else that I want to talk about. We’ve gone gone over four different money, mindset beliefs. But there’s something that I don’t hear people mentioning a lot in the money mindset conversation, and I think it is absolutely one of the most important things when we talk about money. And that is the connection between your money mindset and your ingrained self worth. So I think it’s really interesting that worth is defined as the level at which someone or something deserves to be valued or rated. The level at which someone or something deserves to be valued.

So we’re both talking now about money and we’re talking about human beings. And I believe that how you feel about money says a lot about how you feel about yourself. So when we do talk about money mindset, we need to also be talking about what this means for our own feelings about our personal worth, because that’s where a lot of these these money mindset conversations are derived from. It’s how we feel internally about who we are. So I’m going to go through each of those four money, mindset beliefs, and I’m going to show you what they say about your own self worth. So for the first belief, I need to work hard to make money. Well, from a self worth standpoint, that belief would be saying, I need to work hard to be worthy. I need to work hard to be worthy.

Can you see how that is equally as much showing up in your life? If you believe that you need to work hard to make money. What about wanting more money is bad and disingenuous. Well, this self worth belief behind that is wanting more from my life makes me a bad person. I need to play smaller to please the people around me. Remember, for that belief, we talked about losing an identity or losing that identity of humility and stepping into a new idea. That may cause you to lose connection with people who believe that wanting more money is bad and disingenuous. But if you had more money than the people around, you may see you in a different way. That’s the fear. And so the self worth belief behind it is I need to play smaller to please the people around me. If I play big, I might lose all of those connections. And then who would I be? Who would I be if I wasn’t defined by the relationships and connections that I have the identity that I currently have? The third belief, people like me can’t earn a lot of money. There’s not enough money to go around. Well, that becomes other people have innate worthiness, but not me, not me. And the fourth belief, money isn’t important. We should really be valuing relationships and a more minimalistic life. The self worth belief behind that one is valuing myself isn’t that important. So it goes from money isn’t important to valuing myself. isn’t that important, I should be putting others and better if more valiant things before my own needs. I can you see how that self worth belief means that you’re constantly prioritizing external things and sort of your own internal worth your own internal value what you actually want from life. You’re putting everything else ahead of that. So now that we are in this awareness bubble of, oh my god, I have all these money, mindset beliefs, and what the heck do I do with them now? Well, let’s talk about a few ways to reprogram these mindsets. The first step is what we’ve been talking about in this entire episode so far, awareness, because when we do not have awareness, then we are living inside of our unconscious beliefs, which are often things that have been passed down to us patterns, thoughts and beliefs that actually we don’t own that somebody else pulling inside of us throughout our life, and that we ended up looking for the evidence for and then created beliefs around them. So we’re now creating awareness around those patterns that were passed down to us like heirlooms. And you are now thinking about what is my money, mindset belief? How do I feel about money? What do I think money is? And how do I earn money? and seeing what beliefs come up for you? And then asking yourself, where did these beliefs come from? And not from a place of judgment? Because everyone in the world is doing the absolute best that they can. If they knew how to do better they would. So it’s not about judging people for where they’re at or the beliefs that they instilled in you. It’s really just thinking about where do they come from, so that you can investigate a little deeper on how they might be playing out inside of you. And it’s not about trying to change anyone else. It’s really just about looking internally at Where did this come from so that I can start to reprogram it within myself.

The second step after you do that, is to investigate all of the ways that this belief plays out in your life in regards to money and self worth. So take a look at all the nooks and crannies and just start to build the awareness, you might be having a conversation with a friend. And suddenly notice that that belief will come up in something that you say or something that you hear. And you’ll just start to build the awareness, you’ll start to go a little deeper and investigated a little bit more. And notice the subtle places where it comes up in your life. So it’s really just then about investigating those places, doing things like journaling, or talking to a friend about it, and just getting it out and digging a little deeper. The third step is twofold, creating an abundance list and a gratitude list. And I recommend doing this on a regular daily basis. So for your gratitude list, it’s really about having great gratitude for the things that you already have in your life that you’ve already created, that you’re building that you’re enjoying, that you’re just grateful for that exist in your life. So it’s really living in that frequency of abundance instead of scarcity of seeing the abundance that’s already been cultivated inside of your existence. Because when we’re not looking at things from a place of gratitude, then we’re looking at things from a place of scarcity. When we’re not valuing the things that we have in our lives, then we’re taking them for granted, which is much more in the frequency of scarcity than it is in abundance. So that’s one thing is keeping gratitude list. Maybe this is part of your morning routine or your nightly routine. But in some capacity, just writing down a few things that you’re grateful for every day. And I know you’ve probably heard that you should be doing this. And it’s probably like beating a dead horse as much as I hate that expression. It’s probably like beating a dead horse. To tell you to have a gratitude journal or gratitude list, but there is so much research about the fact that gratitude journals and lists actually help us to be happier people to live in abundance to create more abundance and all of the things so you hear about it so much because it actually works. But the second thing that I want you to do is maybe something you haven’t heard of before. And that is an abundance list. So what I want you to do is keep a journal that’s just for writing down abundant things that you notice or that happened to you whenever they happen. And I want you to carry this around with you. So it’s not something that you’d be doing just at the end of the day, I want you to do it in the moment when abundant things occur, or when you notice something abundant happening. This is huge, because unconsciously, you’re probably going through your life, noticing where scarcity occurs, if you’re living in the frequency of scarcity with some of these beliefs that we talked about today. You’re probably finding ways to reinforce that belief that you may have. But when you keep an abundance list, you actively start to break down those beliefs as they occur. So what I want you to do is think about what are those core money mindset beliefs that you have? How do they play out? Where do you notice scarcity? Where does lack come up inside of your life. And so what I want you to do is after you write down all those beliefs that you have on the first page, the rest of the journal is about making a list where you notice the abundant version of those beliefs occurring. So if your belief was that people like me can’t earn a lot of money, then start looking for examples where people like you have earned a lot of money. Write it down, write down examples where you would have earned a lot of money or you have attracted some sort of abundance into your life. And doing this starts to reprogram your brain because now instead of constantly looking for Evidence unconsciously By the way, you’re not doing this from a conscious place most of the time, but instead of looking for places unconsciously, that support the belief that you have around money that may be negatively impacting you and your results. Now, by keeping this abundance list, you’re starting to reprogram that belief so that you’re looking for evidence of the opposite. You’re looking for where things are going, right, you’re looking for where things are living in abundance, where abundance actually is flowing to you, and already has been, you just haven’t noticed. So this is a really beautiful practice to have on a daily basis. And like I said, carrying that journal around with you wherever you go, putting it into your purse or your pocket. I suppose you could put it in your phone too. And just writing down when you notice abundant things happening. And by the way, I suppose you should put it in your phone because I do think that there is a different connection that happens when you’re writing it down with pen and paper. I think There’s some sort of detachment that happens when we’re writing things into our phone that causes us to not internalize them in the same way that we would if we were writing them with pen and paper. Okay, the next step is to find an abundant crew, find your people who are also living in the frequency of abundance. Because if you are constantly surrounding yourself with influences that are keeping you in that same place, supporting that same belief that you can’t make money, that people that have money are bad, then you need to work hard to make money. If you’re always surrounding yourself with people like that, then you are going to stay in that same place because it is really difficult to adopt and live a new belief. When we’re always around that old belief. It actually becomes like kind of being in quicksand or in mud. You just can’t get out of it. Because it’s always there. It’s always around you. So even if you can’t find an abundant crew in person, if You’re thinking, Well, that sounds nice, Melissa. But where would I find these people? Would they want to be friends with me? How do I make this happen? It doesn’t even need to be your group of friends. It can actually even just be people you follow online, start following people that show you what abundance looks like, that show you how to live in abundance in a way that you want to be living in abundance, that talk about money mindset, that challenge your beliefs, that are expanders for how you think about the world, your worth, and what your impact is on this planet. I want you to start looking for those people that help you expand your thinking instead of shrink it. And the last thing is, you may have heard of the be do have model where

in order to have something a lot of the times we will think well I’m going to create that thing. I want to make a million dollars. That’s the thing I want to have. So I’m going to go out there and I’m going to do all the things I need to do to make a million dollars Okay, but if you’re still operating from a place of somebody who makes $50,000 a year, and deep down, you feel like making a million dollars is not possible because you’ve got all this money mindset stuff that’s clouding your frequency. Well, it’s gonna be really darn hard to make a million bucks, because you’re not being or doing the things that a millionaire would be and do. And so instead of just thinking about the things you want to have, I want you to be thinking about who would that person that has those things that I want? Who would they be? How are they showing up in their life? And from that place of how they’re being? What are they then doing? What are they doing in their life that might be different than what I’m doing? So I want you to think about how it’s somebody who is an abundant person who is having and creating the things I want to have and create How are they being in their life? Are they just angry all the time stressed out and exhausted? Are they not getting enough sleep? Are they doing things that they hate inside of their business? No. They’re probably operating from a place of a lot more abundance from a place of more clarity and passion and balance, and self care and worth all of these things. So think about how are they being? And then from that place of how they’re being how they’re showing up? What are they doing? So are they making decisions from a place of scarcity? Are they saying, Well, I don’t want to hire a team yet? Because it’s going to be expensive, or are they saying, from my place of abundance and clarity, and balance, I know that I get to hire a team that’s going to help me carry out this vision and actually create it with me. So that’s something they’re doing is hiring a team versus staying stuck in this idea that they have to do it all themselves. So thinking about what is it that I want to have? What do I really want to create if I was being honest with myself? And then who do I need to be in order to create that? And then from that place of being, what do I need to do in order to create that? How would an abundant person who is living in the frequency of my affirmation actually live their life? What choices would they make differently than what I’m doing now? How would they feel differently? And how can I start feeling and being that way today? Now, this is a topic that I could probably talk about all day. Because I think that money mindset is really just a way of talking about abundance versus scarcity, or growth mindset versus a fixed mindset, or self worth versus not self worth. There are so many ways to think about money and abundance, beyond even just the financial things that come out of money. So I’m going to be talking about this topic more on the podcast because like I said, there’s a lot more than I want to say a lot more that I think would be helpful for you. But for now, I want you to just think about what is that prevalent belief that runs a lot of the decisions that I make in my life? And where is that belief holding me back from the kind of success, results and life that I want to create from the kind of impact that I desire? putting out there into the world? Where is my belief holding me back? And where can I begin to reprogram it so that I can actually start living in abundance and create the kind of results that I desire and deserve? I hope you enjoyed this episode. And thank you so much for listening. I would love to hear your thoughts. Go visit me on Instagram at Melyssa underscore Griffin or at limitless life™ podcast and leave a comment or send me a message because I want to know what else about money mindset Do you want to learn? How did this episode impact you? How did it help you in some way? Well, that is all I got for you today, my friend, I appreciate you so much. And I see the vision for you to live an incredibly abundant, joyful life. I’ll see you in the next episode.

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